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Outdoor Lotion - Citronella / Lavendar

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  • About Product

    All natural lotion combined with selected aromatic essential oils, that insects dislike.                               

    Two varieties available - Rosemary & Cedarwood or Citronella & Lavendar

    Contains essential oils in a natural lotion base


  • Essential Oils

    Why Citronella and Lavendar

    Well known as a plant-based insect repellent and was registered in the United States  as a bio-pesticide. Its ability to repel has been verified by research but to be effective it must be applied more regularly than the synthetic toxic repellents.

    It does not kill but repels.  It works by masking scents that attract insects.  In humans it is the carbon dioxide and the lactic acid that we emit from our bodies.

    Combining Citronella and Lavendar combines 2 complementary essential oils to disgusie scents.

    Best method is to use lotions on bare skin but cover up the body so insects do not get access to your skin.