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Outdoor Lotion - Rosemary / Cedarwood

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  • About Product

    All natural lotion combined with selected aromatic essential oils, that insects dislike.                               

    Two varieties available - Rosemary & Cedarwood or Citronella & Lavendar


    Contains essential oils in a natural lotion base


  • Essential Oils

    Why Rosemary and Cedarwood

    Rosemary is a very aromatic plant which is displayed in its oil. Of its many culinary and medicinal properties, it that has been used as a repellent due to that strong odour to repel insects from landing.

    Cedarwood has a very pungent distinctive odour which has been developed in nature as a defense to guard off invading insects.

    It has been used for centuries by the Indians as an effective repellant.  The strong odour discourages insects from landing. 

    The combination of Rosemary and Cedarwood make a natural alternative to synthetic toxic chemicals used in other branded repellents.