Rug Sizing - How to measure your horse

One of the questions we get asked the most is:

What size rug should I get for my horse?

The most effective way to work this out is to actually measure the horse. Knowing your horses height really isn't enough to work out what size rug you need. Just because your horse is a certain height doesn't necessarily mean that a certain size rug will fit him/her. Just like us, horses come in many different shapes. We don't work out the size of our shirts by how tall we are. Neither should we with our horse.

Measuring your horse is very easy. We have always found that a normal dressmakers tape is as good as any. You can purchase special tapes that measure for rug size, weight and height, these tapes are very effective but not a must have.

  • Measure the horse from the centre of the chest along the side of the horse to a point level with the end of the rump
  • Take the measurement in inches. For those younger ones who perhaps only know metric there are 12 inches to a foot
  • We advise to go up not down in size, remembering that rugs come in 3" increments