Equinade Rug Seal 1L

Equinade Rug Seal 1L

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Are your cotton canvas rugs looking tired and jaded? Equinade has an easy and economic solution to add new life to your rugs and canvas goods. Equinade Rug Seal is an excellent re-proofing formula to restore the water repellent finish to your used cotton canvas and rugs. It can be applied easily with a brush, roller or by spraying and has no fumes.

Suitable for fabrics with a 30% or more cotton content.


  1. Brush or wash item to remove all dirt, allow to dry completely. Best results when item is in a taut position.
  2. For mildewed fabric, pre-treat with sodium hypochlorite bleach (diluted 1 part bleach to 3 part water), rinse thoroughly and allow to dry completely before applying Rug Seal.
  3. SHAKE BOTTLE WELL then apply to both sides, paying attention to seams and stitched areas (underside only for patterned or striped fabric to avoid pattern impairment).
  4. Apply with a brush, roller or sprayer.
  5. All to dry completely before use or storage. Drying time is approximately 48 hour in dry, warm sunny conditions.
  6. Rug Seal re-proofs, restores water repellent finish and inhibits mildew growth on used canvas goods.
  7. Suitable for all cotton canvas products.
  8. One litre covers approximately six square meters.